Thursday, May 26, 2011


I got Henry some shades at the mall yesterday and he's been wearing them happily ever since.  I may have gotten them for my own enjoyment as well...I can't stop laughing when he has them on.

About a month or so ago I got Henry a little Toy Story notebook and pencils and encouraged him to draw a picture of Woody and Buzz. He's always liked to color for a little bit, but never tried drawing actually things or people before. Once he actually tried, he has colored for probably 2-3 hours per day. I'm barely exaggerating here, folks. He loves to color and draw. And I've totally gotten over the "my children are not going to use coloring limits their imaginations" theory. It may be true. Or may not be true. But regardless, he loves his coloring books.
I like his use of color in this one:

So here is the quilt I found at a garage sale last week for 4 DOLLARS. Seriously, I can't believe someone got rid of this. I would have paid, like, $20 bucks for this. That's like a normal person saying they would have paid $125 bucks for this. But 4 DOLLARS. Oh yeah.

It's going to be for Harper's "Big Girl Room" and is in perfect condition.
Here's a close-up of the "yo-yo's".

So I'm thinking I'll leave the walls blue and do something crazy like paint the trim a coral color. Or paint coral mural stuff on the walls. Or somethin'. Fun!

My next favorite garage sale purchase was something for our kitchen:

I got all the 4 big ones for a total of $24 and the little one at a separate sale for $1. So 5 for $25. That felt like a lot of money for me to spend at a garage sale, but considering a new apothecary glass jar is about the price I paid for all 5 of them, it was a fairly good deal. I'm going to use them for my flour/sugar/oatmeal/etc. Fun, eh?

And here's the latest with our kitchen:

Our stove is waiting for some electrical work so we can plug her in. We needed a slide in stove to work with the island and for some reason gas slide-in stoves are a bit ridiculously priced, so went to electric. A little sad, but it will still get the job done!
Those are the pretty floors. 
I'm staining the cupboards of the island for the 1st step, and then I'm going to paint them a sweet vintage green (think Martha Stewart) and distress them like crazy. I don't want everything to look nice and new since this house is far from nice and new. We had been looking for an old piece of cupboard or something cool to use as the island, but had no such luck...this will (hopefully) be the next best thing. The rest of the cupboards are going to be "swan white" and then we got some stainless steal shelving for the walls also. But, you know, it will probably be August before we get it all done.

And that is all. Hope you all have a great Thursday!!


Alisa said...

Cute! I'm digging it that Henry's wearing some shades while coloring. Loveeee the floors. I want to see them in person real bad. Also - bring your camera when I see you. I MUST change your white balance and ISO settings. Missing you.

peter marie said...

Good! My pictures have been driving me nuts for a while but am too lazy to figure it out. :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Hmm...could Alisa change my white balance and ISO settings on my phone camera? :)
Henry is seriously Mr. Personality. Love those shades! Love that he colors, too! Carson's longest coloring stint: 2 minutes. Grr.
Harper's quilt is amazing! Wow! What a find! Your jars and kitchen transformation are awesome! Can't wait to see it all put together!


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