Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bits and Pieces

We went to a parade (on the 3rd) for the 4th of July.

It was so funny to see their different personalities while they watched the parade and collected their candy.

Henry would wait patiently and wave. If there was some candy on the ground next to him I'd tell him he could pick it up and put it in his bag....but he already had that candy so didn't need more. (so not like his candy-lovin' momma!)

Then we let Harper get down and join in on the fun. She'd run out into the street to grab the candy. And the first piece she got, she opened and shoved in her mouth. Every piece of candy she'd open and shove in her mouth before we had a chance to stop her. I don't think the idea of eating his candy even crossed his mind until he saw his crazy sister in action.
I love how sweet he was being, but I'm sure the next parade we go to he'll be a little more ambitious....he's got to keep up with Harper!

On the 4th of July we went on a walk down to one of the new, super cool bridges. It was hot, but fun.

Harper wore a super pretty dress on Sunday, but would not let me get a picture. Sunday mornings can be so dramatic around here.

I did a couple of paintings for someone and earned myself some money to buy the supplies for the window treatments in our kitchen/dining room. 

Here's the fabric:

And here are the cabinets. I got a new green and don't plan on distressing anymore. I got some cute new glass knobs for the drawers and then we just used our old handles for the doors.

My favorite part about the island is having snacks and doing crafts.

Henry is quite the artist, huh?!

Here are some plates I've collected over the last few months for a collage above our buffet.

And this fuuuuuunky-licious clock I got at a garage sale. 
To paint or not to paint?

And a funky little bird and cute dishes (for 10 cents!) for my shelves.

And 16! tie headbands to send off to my friend's store in Nebraska.I hadn't had a chance to crafts in weeeeeks, so it was fun.

And those are some bits and pieces or life lately. We've had lots of fun playing at splash parks, riding bikes, and playing with friends. Oh, Happy Summer!

Have a good week!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

I admire Henry but totally relate to Harper on the parade sugar!
Can't wait to see all the finishing touches on your kitchen! You have the best eye for decorating!

Mom said...

I love the way Henry can wear his sandals on the wrong feet and not be a bit bothered! Even when collecting candy from a parade! And my sweet little left-handed artist :)


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