Monday, March 26, 2012

Harper Bloom is 3

Harpe's THIRD birthday was last Friday. I can't believe this sweet little thing is already 3!!
Her big "Dora" birthday party is this coming weekend, but this weekend we went up to RJ's parent's and had a fun little party for her. We had an awesome time!

She's been excited for her birthday for months so I'm actually glad we are spreading it out over 2 weekends because it makes me sad that it's over! What will she talk about once her "Dora party" is done?

Of course both kids enjoyed the yummy cupcakes.

Then we opened a few presents. She got some cute dress up clothes from grandma and grandpa. She loved it!

Oh, Harper Bloom. You have brought so many laughs and blessings into our lives. You have entered that hilarious toddler stage where pretty much everything you say makes us laugh. You are goofy, feisty, sweet, loving, daring, and just plain ol' precious. Your best friends are boys. Cute boys. Oy. Already praying about that one.

You are so sensitive and so cuddly. Just telling you "no" breaks your sweet little heart and you just want to cuddle. I love that. I will for sure miss that. 

I so look forward to the years ahead of getting to know you even more. 
You're my baby girl! 
We love you and are so beyond thankful that God created you.


Mom said...

Love that little sweet thing!! I agree - celebrating over 2 weekends is the BEST! See you soon. xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Oh how sweet. Happy birthday, little Harper. I don't think I've ever looked at her and been able to keep from smiling. There is just something about that girl!

une autre mère said...

What a sweetheart! I'll have to save this post as she is my future daughter-in-law. ;) She is a special little girl for sure! And she's blessed to have parents like you and RJ.


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