Monday, September 29, 2008

2 more things.....

#1 I ran into Rochester this morning by myself to go to Old Navy because it has a maternity section, only to find all the clearance in that area and extra %50 off. Score! I just got a few tops and a sweater for $10. It was mostly summer gear. How fun is that though!

#2 I've been requested to give my gender guess. Alright, here's the lengthy version.

I hate being wrong. Really, I do. So this is hard to me. :)

My complete "mommy instinct" is that it's a girl. For real. I feel quite confident in it. I have a lot of little differences in this pregnancy so it's made me wonder, could it be a girl or just simply a different pregnancy? I have no idea what to expect with a little girl, but I would certainly love to experience both little boys and girls. However, ever other part of me says it's a boy. I can see RJ and I having all boys. I love little boys. They're sweet, wild, crazy, sweet, and just plain weird. I have to also say that I seriously love dressing a little boy more than I could have ever imagined. From skulls to ties. It's great. I love the responsibility of raising a man, even though it's a bit overwhelming at times. If it's a boy, Henry would have a little brother and I would love that. If it's a girl, Henry will have someone to help him master his sensitive side and someone to torture for life. That's great too. Either way would be awesome!

So you see, if it's a girl, I can say.....I was right! I had a feeling it was a girl!

And if it's a boy, I can say.....I was right! I knew it was a boy!


Emily said...

I understand those mixed feelings about what you are having....either would be fun. I am still getting used to the idea of a girl! I LOVE boys too - they are so much fun, and such little studs!

naturalmamma said...

I knew it!! I am a firm believer that God will grant you the desire of your heart.


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