Sunday, September 21, 2008


Ode to Minnesota.

This ode neither rhymes nor has any attributes that would attain to a normal ode, but here goes.

I once fell in love with a man who lived in Minnesota.
I'd drive hours to this state, very quickly, to see this very man.
I once woke up at the crack of dawn to surprise this man at Northwestern College without having a clue as to where I was going. I figured St. Paul couldn't be too big.....
I quit a job at Sticks that I'd only had for 2 months, without having another job, and moved to this state so I could be closer to this man.
I spent the first 8 months of my married life with this man there.
Then we moved back to our home state just south of Minnesota. (And Sticks eventually hired me back!)

I always love to go back to Minnesota with this man that I love.
It has so much more than that stupid, big mall. Yes, it's fun to shop there, but seriously, there's so much more.
I love driving by our old, somewhat cruddy, first apartment and neighborhood in St. Louis Park, baby!
I love going to Uptown and Lake Calhoun.
I love going to Punch Pizza, The Edina Creamery, and The Edina Grill.
I will always have a slight fascination with the state of Minnesota.
And I will always love the man who introduced me to it.
The End.

This morning, I walked in to get Henry from his crib and he had thrown his diaper out and was in his little birthday suit. The first time, folks. Thank goodness it wasn't dirty, though I'm sure that's coming quickly....

More interesting posts to come tomorrow and then it's a week long break from this here blog world....

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