Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Come, First Serve!

Like I mentioned before, I got a new set of dishes for Christmas. It was just a 6 piece setting, so I've been keeping my eyes open for another set. I didn't care if they matched, and in fact preferred that they didn't as long as they were white. Well, today was my lucky day! I ran a quick errand to Target and spotted a 64 piece setting (plates, big bowls, small bowls, cups, saucers, 2 serving dishes, and s & p shakers) half off for $30 and I had some of a gift card left so that made it even better! Over the weekend I gave my mom my set of dishes from our wedding and now I have one more set to get rid of. The old me would keep it in my basement "just in case", but the new me wants to get rid of things I'm not using. SO......if you want these, speak up and they're yours for free! For some reason there are 7 big plates and 7 bowls, but 8 salad plates. The plates are in great condition, but some of the bowls are chipped. They're nothing fancy, just Martha Stewart brand, but they're nice. (The mugs in the background are from my new set though.....) Thought I'd try on here before I try annoying Craigslist. Don't worry, I won't take offense if no one wants to claim them. :)

I promise one of these days I'll get some more fun pictures posted.


Alisa said...

You know it! I'd love these!

peter marie said...

Sweet! It warms my heart knowing they will be served on well.
I'll bring them your way. :)


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