Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This week has gone so quickly!

I'm getting a bit nervous for the baby shower I'm hosting on Saturday. Turns out there will be about 20 ladies coming so it will be really fun and the mommy-to-be will feel really loved. I haven't seen a lot of these gals for a long time so that will be really fun too. But they're all artsy-fartsy and it makes me nervous for them to come see my house. Isn't that ridiculous?!?! I go in phases where I want to work on our house and make it "perfect" and then I go in phases where I realize that it doesn't really matter. Of course it's fine to make your house look nice (and I'm sure we all have different opinions on how much we should spend on it, etc), but I seriously get a little too obsessed with it. Plus, we all know how temporary our houses are. If I die tomorrow, will the first thing I ask the Lord be, "So, what did you think of my nursery color?". Therefore, I get annoyed with myself when I get too focused on it. So easy to do! So I'm trying very hard to just enjoy working on fun little projects in our house without it consuming me. Know what I mean? But I'm sure I'll be up early again tomorrow morning contemplating over what to hang on my walls.
One of my many areas of struggles.

One of my very creative neighbor friends came over the other night to help me rearrange all my wall decor and a piece of furniture or two. I really wanted a fresh new look in the house without having to spend any money. Call it Nesting on a Budget, if you will. It was really fun and I think I got that out of my system for a good year or two. She also spotted a great table/buffet on the side of the road near our house and picked it up for me. It was in good shape, but needed a paint job and some new hardware. So, I spent $10 on new drawer pulls, glued a strip of textured-paintable wallpaper on top which is something I had bought for a project a few years ago and haven't used yet, and painted a few coats of black paint. I really like it and I really like that it looks way more expensive than what it was. Thanks, Lydia!!!
I'll be making a dreamy cocunut cake for the shower and will be sure to post the recipe. It's amazing and looks beautifully delicious and fancy. Mmmmmm......
Have a happy Wednesday!

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Emily said...

That table is AWESOME! I am exactly like you too - going in phases with my house etc. I am a perfectionist, and want to make things perfect, then I think like you and say, "If I died tomorrow, the Lord would not ask me what color my living room was!" It is so frustrating! You know, being artsy fartsy has a curse =).

I have had to learn so much about things that are out of my control, and letting things be "undone" and not getting too worked up about stuff - especially with this whole pregnancy and baby thing. Her room still isn't done, and it drives me nuts, but I'm too tired to do it! And you know what? I can GUARANTEE no one will think anything about how your house isn't one way or another - we think those things about ourselves, but you know no one will be thinking it about you.

Ok, sorry - just had to go on and on and on about that! Only because I am the SAME WAY! =)


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