Thursday, December 10, 2009

A snowed-in kind of day

We had our selves a candy blizzard yesterday.

 In honor of the real blizzard going on outside.


Every piece was carefully placed.


While wearing Spiderman pajamas, which he has lived in since the snow started.
(I'm not the only snowed in mom who does this, right?)


Totally worth the $8! I'm usually, weirdly, anti-kits. Why buy it when I can make it myself?
I can barely buy a boxed cake or brownie mix without having convulsions.
I have no rational explanation for why I think this way.
But after this $8 kit, I may never go back...


Another view of our blizzard and what used to be our cars.


No, it's not breakfast. It was supper. And still in our pajamas.
Have you ever tried to feed a baby and keep your mouth closed. It's hard. Try it!


I finished my night off with caramel corn.


And today we're back to normal. RJ got off early on Tuesday, had yesterday off, and a late start today.
I'm going a little nuts being stuck in the house, but we've been having fun. It's especially fun that this happened during the week and not on the weekend.
Makes it an easy and fun week for this mamma!

Happy Thursday!


Amy@My Front Porch said...

What fun! Maybe when Lily is older I will buy on of those gingerbread kits!

I wish I had such an aversion to cake and brownie mixes, but alas, I love keeping them around for quick desserts :)

Mama Foster said...

ben has lived in his pajamas too! love the gingerbread train!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I love the train kit! It turned out sooo cute! We might have to find that one! We dug out our driveway last night and Cody made a dash to the store for a gingerbread house just fits the realm of being snowed in! Totally the best $$$ splurge...ever...

une autre mère said...

Love the train! I just bought the $8 house kit today and the girls are super excited!

And there's absolutely nothing wrong with staying in pj's all day. I just wish I could get Addie to want to stay in hers. As soon as she wakes up she wants to put a skirt on. Girls...

Amanda said...

My goodness that is a blizzard! What a cutie gingerbread house... I love it!


Elizabeth said...

Awesome $8 find! I love the look of serious-determination mixed with excited-joy in Henry's face. Makes me laugh at how different kids personalities are. I can barely convince Ryan to come to the kitchen long enough to stir something - he has ZERO interest in food prep - and I've tried EVERYTHING....Maybe Henry can give him some cooking lessons. Looks like you had a super fun snow day!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, and about the mixes - I totally know what you mean. I had someone recently tell me that it isn't possible to make cake from scratch. I was like, WHAT?!?!? Where do you think cake comes from? I explained the ingredients to a basic cake, brownie, cookies, etc - and was rewarded with her look of plain unbelief and boredom. She said she had NEVER heard of anyone baking something from scratch....unless they were "professional baker". So, here's to you, Professional!


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