Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Henry saw me do lots of painting the last couple of weeks and has begged and begged to do some artsy stuff himself. So on a lovely day last week we just colored outside and then I finally set aside some time during one of Harper's naps last week to let him paint.

He loves painting! Sadly, I don't let him do it near enough. Do any of you moms have a hard time watching your child do a project and not get in there and "help" them do it the "right" way? I have gotten much better at just letting him paint however he wants to and mix the colors however he wants to, even if it means a plate full of pretty colors becoming a mixed up mess of ugly brown. I think it's best to just let them experiment and make a (beautiful) mess on the paper! Isn't Henry's art beautiful right below our fake Van Gogh?

I was able to go the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam 4 times while I was in the Netherlands. Such a cool place!! Seriously, wowzers. And now I get to hang my 3 yr old's little paintings next to a Van Gogh. Ahh....a full circle moment. (yes, I seriously just said that. I know!)


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Sweet little artist! I get hung up even getting the projects out...I must tap into an artsy side!
I love Henry's beautiful work next to Van ...who?

une autre mère said...

That is so cute! I think he just may have inherited his mama's talents!


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