Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I saw a friend last weekend with a super cute cowl-type scarf. I loved it! It was handmade with a sweet vintage button on it. I immediately thought it'd be pretty easy to make something similar out of a turtle neck sweater so I gave it a shot last night and here's what I came up with:

(ignore my make up less-running clothes still on-early morning-self)

Not bad! It's not this, but for $1.29 I'm pretty happy with it. That's right, $1.29! Did you know that our local Goodwill stores have a $1.29 sale on Sundays? You just have to ask what color of tag is on sale that day and get to digging. This past Sunday I found 2 sweaters that I plan to cut up and re-stitch. I found this tutorial also that I might try next time instead.

It was absolutely lovely having an evening with nothing to do! Now for the rest of the week I'm back to the usual stay at home mommy/housewife stuff so I can get caught up on stuff.

Um...this running thing is not going well. The first week was exciting because it was fairly easy to add an extra block every day to my agenda. This week is going horribly. I love the feeling of having gotten up early to exercise so I want to definitely keep doing that.....but....I'm just saying....this running thing might not be for me after all. And I may need to hire one of you to be my body guards for the next time I see Julie after this confession. 

Hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday!!


Jessica said...

I love your scarf creation!! I confess...I bought one a couple weeks ago! Can't wait to wear it!
Have a good rest of your week!

Julie said...

I'm probably not speaking to you anymore but other than that...oh wait, I think I already stopped. What's that you say? Oh that's been your goal this whole time?:)

une autre mère said...

Beautiful scarf! I'm uber impressed with your skills.

I could've told you a looong time ago how horrible running is. Would've saved you a lot of turmoil. ;) And yes, I'll try to protect you from the wrath of Julie.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

That is super cute! I think I like yours better than the etsy one, too!

I'm sorry about the running thing. Once I finally conquered a mile for the first my life...I caved to the stronger desire to walk briskly! Considering I'm pushing about 100 pounds of joy, I think I'm okay! :)

kasey. said...

that is a really cute scarf! and the cowl thing on etsy is amazing...but whoa $60?!? i like yours a lot better!

and thanks for the tip on goodwill!

and thats a bummer about the whole running thing...but i totally long walks/elliptical girl now that im post knee surgery!


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