Friday, March 4, 2011


This old house of ours is about to receive a sparkly new kitchen and I've been dreaming about the possibilities. There are so many directions we could go...I went back and forth for a bit thinking we should do dark cabinets to match the woodwork on the rest of our house, but fell back on what I love.

white kitchens:

I already kind of have a white kitchen, but want to go more white white.
And I know. We just "did" our kitchen last spring, but it was a very cheap makeover, the countertop paint has held up pretty horribly, we thought we were going to try and sell the house this fall, and now we decided we're staying put and want to do something to really open up our house and make it more functional.

I'm probably the most excited about new countertops and MORE countertops. I really can't work much on my countertops because there really isn't that much countertop space. 
I'm probably secondly most excited about a dishwasher. When we first decided to do this makeover, I said I didn't really want to sacrifice valuable cupboard space to put in a dishwasher, and I'm so used to hand washing every single dish.......
but yes, I've come to my senses. 

So if you feel like helping us tear down a 100 year old wall (hey, there might be a treasure hidden inside that plaster!), ripping up some old floor and probably about 8 layers of linoleum, feel free to volunteer your time. We'll take all the help we can get!
Just leave a comment and I'll draw names to see who gets to help us first!!
(sort of)

In the meantime, help me design it! I don't know what I'm doing and I can guarantee you this will be the last time we re-do this kitchen.

Have a happy weekend everyone!


Julie said...

Pick me, Pick me! We did our kitchen remodel 5.5 years ago. I love, love, love doing stuff like this :)

peter marie said...

Julie!!!! YOU. WIN.

Alisa said...

- Imagine the possibilities of you with more countertop space. Holy canoli.

- LOVE white kitchens. They kinda bring a tear to my eye.

- I don't believe you for one second that you don't know how to design a kitchen. But thanks for letting us feel like you need us.

- Sign us up! (I mean Chris, and you and I can go to Smo Row with the kids.)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Oh WOW!!! How exciting! I've got an idea...I'll watch Jake, Harper, & Henry and you two can tear the wall down! Let me know the day and time!
White kitchens are SO beautiful--totally my dream!
More counter space = more angel food cakes? Please?
I have NO ideas--but really, I think you're going to do amazing! Can't wait to see the finished project!

kasey. said...

i love white kitchens too!

Amanda Taborga said...

Oh my word. jealous. That's me. I have a file folder of all the stuff I would do if i had a new kitchen! A dish washer? you and i are in the same boat there. We're gonna get one...soon....I hope. I love white on white, too. Add places of color and it so easy to change the feel with accessories! Can't wait to see the process and final product! Enjoy it all!!!

hann said...
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une autre mère said...

Can't WAIT to see your new kitchen!!! Whatever you come up with will no doubt be fabulous! And I'm sure Chad would have a blast tearing up a wall, but I also know I'm late on this, so if you already have enough help, fine. But if not, CALL ME! :)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

White excited to see yours! I'd volunteer my help but I'm pretty sure you don't want it -- I broke my wrist putting on my pajama pants one night, I can only imagine the kind of damage I might do with a sledgehammer in my hands! :)


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