Thursday, March 10, 2011

National Craft Month

I was supposed to head up to see my friend Alisa today.
But naturally, my girl who gets sick with something or other every 2 weeks, started a fever yesterday. The poor little babe! And poor me. But that's just part of being a mom, eh?

Here she is before the fever started. Eating her breakfast and browsing the American Girl catalog.

Anyways, I was so excited to give Alisa this gift for all THREE of her boys, and since I can't hand them over in person I can't wait any longer....I've got to show them instead!

The baby's name is a secret so I hid the initial in case there are any good guessers out there. 
They're a musical and funky family so I made some musical and funky shirts.  SO fun. I am pretty much obsessed with appliqueing right now. Quite fitting since it is National Craft Month!
I hope you like them, Alisa! And you'll see them in about 3-5 business days. :) 

Hope y'all have a lovely Thursday!!


Alisa said...

AWESOME!!!!!! Oh man...I'm sitting here trying to get over the puking for the morning, and that totally brightens me up! Thank you!!

Julie said...

Ummm, I LOVE the shirts! So cute. I'm sorry Harper isn't feeling well. Maybe she just dislikes kitties that much! Hopefully it is short lived:)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Abby, I am SO sorry! You need your Alisa time! :) I LOVE those shirts!!! Yesterday I found a website with tons of cool ideas and wondered if anyone knew how to do I know! Is it hard? I need a tutorial!

Marissa said...

why are you the most talented person i know?? and hello, are you taking orders? cause those are stinkin' cute! since i know the little fellas who will be wearing them, they're even cuter. :)


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