Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After

It's over. No more commercials, but still all you hear about on TV. Of course it will be like that for a while still, but what do people talk about besides politics these days? I can't remember anymore.

I set up a MOPS moms night out at the mall last night. Only one person showed up, but it was a great time. We ditched the food court idea and went to Cheesecake Factory and did some shopping. I got some maternity shirts at Baby Gap that were an extra %25 off of clearance. They were $2.47, meaning I got them for $1.85. Seriously, people. That's great. And if you happen to be a friend who gets my hand-me-downs, be very excited.....:) That's actually how I justified it. Even if I just wear the shirt a couple of times, someone else can get some really good use out of them!

Today we are completely free and I'm really excited. Yesterday I babysat, painted a mural in some one's kitchen, and then went shopping. Nothing hard. All fun. But wore me out. I'm ready for some downtime. I'm also ready to do some baby shopping for Baby Dane's baby shower this Saturday! My friend, Jenn, had him on Halloween. He was 9lbs 9oz. I can't wait to see his chubby-goodness again.

Like I mentioned before, we are cat sitting. I'm not used to cats. He's super cute and likes to cuddle with my neck, which I am not a fan of, but he's definitely a kitten. And I did not realize that cats don't listen to commands like dogs. I already have someone in this house who has a hard time listening to me. Now I've got 2. It's been fun though and Henry is completely in love. He will be sad for a long time and will probably be saying "Ki-ki go?" for months after he is gone.

How about them gas prices?? I saw $1.84 yesterday and I'm sure on my way out today it will be lower. It seems to drop twice a day lately. Now, remind me please, why were the prices so high a couple of months ago? And how can they suddenly be dropping so much??

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday today! It's going to be our last warm day....


une autre mère said...

Sorry about last night! I couldn't ditch Chad on election night... it's our tradition to watch the results roll in together. I'm glad you had fun. And congrats on your awesome maternity deals!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I can't believe only one person came! I would have SO totally been there--I even had a sitter lined up! Please don't be discouraged from trying one again! I'll come, I promise. (well, unless sometimes dies, I guess!) Glad you got good deals, though! :)


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