Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Well, RJ and I cheated and opened our presents tonight. We weren't going to buy each other anything, then it went up to a $10 limit, and then it nudged itself up to a $25. I got him some fun things and he got me the best gift ever....a set of white dishes! It's ridiculous how long I've wanted new dishes so I'm sure he got them partially so he could stop hearing me talk about it all the time. But it's hard to justify buying new ones when I already have 2 other sets, so getting it as a gift is perfect! Apparently he snuck around at IKEA to buy them and had his brother bring them home with them. So needless to say, I'm pretty pumped.
RJ has to work tomorrow and I'm meeting another mom or two at the mall who also have husband's who have to work. Then we're off to NW Iowa. It has been a crazy few weeks around here. I'm so looking forward to Christmas with my family, but am also looking forward to getting home and staying here for a while! :)
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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The Sneaky Mommy said...

Congrats on the new white dishes! That really is exciting! :)
Hope you have a safe trip to NW Iowa and a Merry Christmas! We're heading NW on Sunday afternoon--maybe we'll see you on the road! :)


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