Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Picture Time....

We've been eating supper every evening on our deck. Henry is sitting at my best garage sale find so far this summer. There's another chair too, and it was only $5. Sweet!
We walked to our favorite park on Mother's Day and were the only ones there. It's the best park around!
3 of my favorite people going down the slide.
After bath time
Big smiles
Loves the swing!
Hope you're all having a great Tuesday! We had a rough night here last night, but we're ALL about to take a nap. Hopefully it helps.......


Jenn said...

Love the big smiles! She is so beautiful!

Grandma Bloom said...

Cute pictures!! Does Harper have a little sunburn on her face? I love the smiles. Can't believe she is getting so big......xoxo

Alisa said...

What a little cutie.


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