Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh, the funny things you do....

You have to have the "pizza" side of the quilt against you. Meaning the side of the quilt with the triangle (pizza) pattern.

You have to have your George and lion sitting side by side in your bed. George must be holding your sippy cup in his lap. We must not forget this.

You must buckle every single thing there is to buckle in this house, but have yet to master unbuckling. That is where I come in.

When you give us kisses, you have to kiss both sides of our cheeks and then we rub noses.
Every time.

When you give us hugs, you have to hug one shoulder and then the other.
Every time.

Your new favorite phrases: "What are you doing?" "What's this?" What's that?"
Over and over.

I heard you use the word, "actually" a couple of times today. And every sentence ends in, "okay?" or, "right?".

We had a rough morning trying to correct some things I let slip way tooooo long. Thanks for getting through it and having a good rest of the day. Mommy is going to try and be a lot more consistent from now on and I'm sorry that I haven't been so good at that lately.

Thanks for letting me read books to you for about 2 hours today. Literally.

I love you, little Henry.


une autre mère said...

Awww, so sweet! I think I actually have a tear in my eye. Seriously. What a cute idea.

Jenn said...

So cute. What a great way to remember this phase.

Marissa said...

Okay - that was so sweet. And I love the love of buckling. Him and Maleah would get along SPLENDID. We could buckle, unbuckle (me) for hours. Henry is such a sweet little guy. Glad you have wonderful days together.

Grandma Bloom said...

I love the funny things Henry does. I miss him - over and over!! xoxo


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