Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We had a crazy and fun week last week. We went to VBS every day. I helped in the nursery and Henry got to go to 2s and 3s. He had so much fun! But I tell ya, getting me and the kids ready to get to the church by 8:30 was a lot of work. I can't imagine how hard it would be to be a working mom and do that all the time. Phew! So it's been nice this week taking things easy. Friday afternoon we dropped Harper off at a babysitter's and took Henry to Adventureland for RJ's work event. It was a blast! Henry had so much fun and was so brave with all the rides. Unfortunately it started to rain so we only got in a couple of hours, but it was free so we really can't complain. He looked so big on all those rides.....

So, Harper is not exactly sleeping through the night anymore, but is still doing a good job. She's getting up once, kind of randomly, usually around 3 or 4. Then she'll sleep until 7, 8, or sometimes 9. Crazy! Henry has always been SUCH an early riser. I think this girl will sleep more like her daddy while Henry and I are up at the crack of dawn starting our day.
RJ's immediate family is pack full of "R" names. I never thought we would name our children names with the same first letter, but that's just how it happened. Two of our favorite names were Hazel (yes, I still like that name, Mom!) and Harper. And now I love the sound of their names together. So on Etsy, I found a shop that sells these iron-ons that I'm going to use for their next photo shoot. Big "H" and little "h". Aren't they adorable?!?
Have a great week!

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une autre mère said...

Ooo, I like that idea of the big H and little H. That'll be super cute! And yes, Henry did like so big on that ride! I'm glad you guys had fun!


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