Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It's going to be humid today. I've enjoyed this cooler June SO much and am not ready for the hot weather. I love sunshine and 70's. I can even handle a little of the lower 80's, but much more than that and I stay away. We finally (thankfully!) gave in and turned the air on last night for the first time of the year. I don't mind paying extra for air conditioning. After seeing our enormous bills for heat (thank you, old house) little wimpy ones for air don't seem so bad. And to me it is seriously worth it. If I want to be uncomfortable, I'll go outside. In my HOME I want to be comfortable! Plus, have you ever tried nursing a baby when you're all hot and sticky? It's my worse nightmare. I can be painfully cheap a lot of the time, but there are a few things I will pay extra for. Heat. Air conditioning. Paper towels (go Viva!!). Date nights. So today when I'm hot,

I'll try to remember we could be living in this:

And until then, we'll be taking our naps dressed like this:
Man, can you ever get enough pictures of babies sleeping? Especially when they put their little bottoms up in the air like this?
Or like this?

We babysat Henry's best buds Noah and Asher last night. They were here for a few hours and left at 8:30. They had a non-stop, crazy, loud, tackling, tickling, running, playing, very minimal fighting, time. I love watching them play together. Sometimes I have to remind myself that they're not just friends, but cousins. Even better! So needless to say, Henry is still sleeping and Harper slept until 6 and is already taking her first nap! He has finally started sleeping in later when he's up late. (except on Saturdays, of course, when he's up at 6 no matter what, or so it seems.....)So, we've made the executive decision to push back their bedtime to 8 during the summer. There's too much fun to be had to go to bed at 7.
Next post: Our adventures in joining Sam's Club and grilling a pork loin.

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Mama Foster said...

amen to the AC today!

and i love the little baby booties in the air! so cute!


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