Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I'm like a little kid when it comes to pop. I love it! I don't drink it a ton. We very rarely buy it to have in the house, and RJ hasn't drank pop since last spring so if I do buy it, it's just a bottle for me. I would say I drink a caffeinated beverage about 3 times a week.

Enter: last week

I went to the doctor for a (minor) issue I was having. She asked if I drank caffeine. I said yes. She suggested I not for a bit and see if my (minor) issue went away.

I had been drinking caffeine a little more lately because I had felt so yucky and exhausted. I needed the pick-me-up! Harper wasn't sleeping so well and I wasn't sleeping so well either. Well, duh. It finally dawned on me. Once I stopped having any caffeine I've been sleeping like a baby. I've never had a problem falling asleep, but my problem was staying asleep. Once I got up to feed Harper in the wee hours of the morning, I would just be awake. For hours. And I was exhausted.

Well, my (minor) issue went away...though who knows if it was because of the caffeine or not. But I do know that overall I feel so much better! No more sluggish feeling. I'm sleeping great. It's all good.

The downside: I was going to start my journey of enjoying coffee this winter. I love the smell. My husband is already a coffee drinker. I like coffee drinks, so knew the liking wouldn't be too hard to aquire.
And let's face it...coffee drinkers are cool.

Well, I'll have to just keep admiring from the sidelines. And pass the water, please. Oh, and the chocolate. That would be crossing the line to give up chocolate.


une autre mère said...

I'm glad your (minor) issue went away! And I too would love to be a cool coffee drinker, but I just can't acquire the taste. The closest I've gotten and actually liked was a frozen cappuccino. We can admire from the sidelines together! :)

Mama Foster said...

i cannot make myself like coffee! i have tried...im a tea, chai or cider drinker for sure. im glad your issue went away though! maybe have some caffeine free soda? i know its not the same but the carbination helps maybe?

peter marie said...

Yeah, I don't think I'll give up all pop...but my favorites, unfortunately, are the caffeinated ones. Guess if I really need it from time to time, I'll just have to put up with a bad night of sleep!


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