Sunday, November 8, 2009

Seattle Anyone?

Anyone been to Seattle?

Any must see places?

Any recomendations for a date night with my hubby and no kids while celebrating a big 3-0 birthday (a few days late) in Seattle???


une autre mère said...

When are you going to Seattle? You lucky duck! Never been there, so sorry I can't help. But have fun!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Seattle is so fun! We loved the Pike Place Market! The first Starbucks is also a fun visit! I'm quite happy for you and your upcoming vacation! You're going to love Washington...but don't get any funny ideas of moving or anything!

Mama Foster said...

Corbin agrees about Pike Place market...he suggests dinner on top of the space needle. apparently there is a restuarant up there. ive never been there besides to a mariner's game but he's been there a few times.

Amanda said...

Wish I could help you... but cant wait to see where you ended up going!!



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