Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm a horrible-house-keeper.
Which should be no surprise.
But I'm trying to be a recovering, horrible-house-keeper.

If staying at home just meant playing with the kids, putting them in cute clothes, baking cookies, and putting a yummy meal on the table, I'd be a star!
I know all those things are good and a part of it, but we can't only have fun, right?

RJ loves a clean house. He's never been nagging about it and he helps out all the time, but I know he loves it when he comes home to cleanliness.
Knowing this and not doing it?
Well, that just makes me feel plain awful and lazy.

So I've been slowly, but surely, keeping things tidy-er.
Doing the dishes before I go to bed.
Getting our living room in order after the kids go to bed.
Etc, etc, etc.
But one area that I'm the worst at is our bedroom, which is part of the reason I am redoing I will want to keep it nicer.
After all, he deserves it.
And of course I enjoy a cleaner house too.

Not going for perfection here and hope that's never a goal of mine.
After all, the kids are only young once!
It will be so much easier to keep things tidy after the kids are gone...and I don't want to think back to days where I spent more time on the house than on them.
But, I'm trying to get to a really good balance of it all. It's about time I figured this out!

The kids have really yucky colds this week.
Yes, I realize things could be much, much worse.
So we're just taking 'er easy and staying away from other cute little kids so we don't pass it along.
Their moods are actually really good though...thankfully!

So Happy Thursday!
Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful sunshine.
Aren't you enjoying how it's staying light so much later....makes me so excited for Spring!
I'm off to eat a felt sandwich with strawberries, tomatoes, and carrots, and play with some pasta.


Amy@My Front Porch said...

It's soooo hard to find that balance. I think I fall on the other end of the spectrum. I definitely tend to be a "work before play" kind of girl and I'm always struggling to remind myself that keeping house isn't my only job.

Balance, balance, balance! :)

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Meeeee tooooooo! I am totally a horrible housekeeper. Totally. And I have been *trying* to recover my house, but I just feel like things get undone as quickly as I do them.....bah! The "joys" of stay-at-home mommy hood. I actually think my house would be cleaner if we weren't here all day every day!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I LOVE your perspective of doing it for RJ! You are so sweet! I think your bedroom is well on its way to becoming a beautiful haven! That will be SO nice!
Hope your kiddos keep getting better!

Alisa said...

Not cool to have everyone so sick right after your birthday! All of those fun times followed up by a tough week - bummer! I'm amazed RJ called in... That's sayin' somethin if he's feeling that bad!

You make me laugh with the whole house keeping thing. Your nemesis! I like what you said - not becoming obsessed with it and realizing your kids are only young once. I try and keep that perspective as well (as I sit in our mess of a family room - toys everywhere!).

You can do it, friend!

une autre mère said...

Hear ya there - completely! I try so hard to stay on top of things, but it gets so overwhelming at times. I try to remember that the kids will remember most how much I played with them - not how clean the house was. Although I want the house to be clean because it just makes me feel better!

Missed you this morning! Hope your little ones are better soon!

Amanda said...

Too funny! My post...your post!

I'm sure you do better than you think. But I think you're right. It's about finding a balance of not caring at all to caring too much. I've yet to find that balance. I wish, for the first time in my life, I had a separate living room/family room area. Yes, we have a huge play room, but the heater's broken, so...can't really use it since October. Good luck with your 'new endeavor'. If you find that coveted balance, let me know!


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