Friday, February 26, 2010


I've been horrible at taking pictures lately so am posting an oldie, but a goodie. 
It makes me sad though to see that sometime between this shot and now
Henry lost his baby face.
And Harper lost her chubbiness.

I tell ya, we are sick of being sick! I've had a cold since last week, but seemed to be getting better every day...until Wednesday afternoon when my sinuses went into pain overload. I thought for sure it was a sinus infection but the doctor said it's probably not. In the meantime I'm taking some medicine and finally feeling a little better today. What a yucky last couple of weeks! I'm such a baby when I'm sick. The kids have acted so much better with their colds than I did yesterday. Sad, huh?

Hope you all have a great weekend. I'll try and post some more interesting stuff next week. Promise!


une autre mère said...

Maybe your body was just reacting about missing all those deals at Penny's...

Sorry you're sick! Hope you can have a good weekend regardless.

I love that picture! And you're right... Henry has lost his baby face since then - but he's still just as cute! And I can't even remember Harper ever being that chubby! ADORABLE! :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Love that picture of Henry and Harper! I'm so sorry you've been sick, too! Sinus junk is the worst!
Hope you have a good weekend! It's finally nice enough to play outside!!!

Jenn said...

I hear ya with the sickness. Enough is enough. That is such an adorable picture, can't believe how much they have changed.

juliemoo said...

What cuties!!! Hope you feel better soon!

Elizabeth said...

Aw, feel better. Sinus stuff is so annoying and miserable. That picture is precious. I love the sweet little chubby faces :-)


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