Monday, February 1, 2010

I miss pop. Still. I realize no one but myself is not letting myself drink it, but my mom took the same New Year's oath and there is NO way I'm giving in before her. :)
1 month down. 11 to go.

I finished up painting a mural in our church's nursery.
Pictures to come....

I'm in charge of the MOPS craft this Friday.
And I have no idea what to do.
Possibly some jewelry and accessories. Or a fun Valentine's craft?

We're planning Harper's 1st birthday party and are going to have it here.
She won't care much about the awesome indoor water park, but her cousins will sure love it!

Naturally, since I bragged about Harper sleeping through the night a couple of weeks ago, she hasn't done it since. She did, however, sleep until 5:30 yesterday morning.
Man, give me 6 hours of straight sleep and I feel like I can rule the world.
Just 6 hours.

I'm enjoying the last 10 days of being in my 20's.

Actually, now that turning 30 is just around the corner it doesn't seem like a big deal.
 Plus, February is my favorite month of the year so I don't want to waste any time.

I got my bedding at Target last week.
For 75% off.
I got a quilt, 2 shams, 2 sets of sheets, and a bed skirt.
All for $50ish.
Happy Birthday to me!
And I didn't only get it becuase it was cheap...but mostly because I love it.
 Can't wait to get started on the room!!

I'm letting my pumpkin bars cool so I can frost them and bring them to our most awesome Acts group tonight.

And lastly, LOST fans?
Helloooooo Feb 2nd!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

*Wow--no pop? I so admire your will power!
*Mural in nursery = amazing! Cody's dad was actually the first one to mention it--he was amazed at how well done it was with so much detail!
*MOPS craft...I'm still making birds! :)
*Harper's birthday party--what a fun place!
*Happy February! It's my favorite month, too! You look awesome for 29 turning 30!!!
*Congrats on your new bedding! Can't wait to see it!
Sorry for all the comments...I really missed seeing everyone at church yesterday!

Mama Foster said...

i totally like the idea of a valentines crafty idea! and jewelry is fun too! both good ideas for sure!

by the way i love the nursery a lot! im thinking i may need you to paint something for ben's room soonish and maybe ours too if i can convince corbin to redo it like i want to! im so thankful to know such a talented lady!

Elizabeth said...

1 - I love soda. Love it, love it, love it. And not the froo-froo stuff; I like me some Mt Dew, Cherry Coke....yum. I've barely had any in weeks; I'm with you - a healthy new me.
2 - The nursery is amazing. Just amazing. Beautiful, classy, cute, tasteful. You are so talented!
3 - Great idea for Harper's bday, but I can't believe that she'll ever be 1. She's just such a little sweetie!
4 - Bedding - wowzers. What a good deal. Where are the pics! You've had a great week!
5 - 30th birthday party? Dinner? Anything? Jethros?????
6 - Have a super week!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Can't wait to see the bedding!! Isn't Target the best??

une autre mère said...

Hope you don't mind if I join in with the other bulleted commenters:

*No pop? At all? No even on a Friday night at home with a movie and popcorn? I admire you for doing it, but still think you're a little crazy.

*Nursery - AMAZING. So detailed. So whimsy. So beautiful. But what else can you expect from the uber-talented peter marie?

*MOPS craft? Anything that doesn't involve construction paper and foam shapes works for me! :)

*Harper's almost one? Already?! Her party will be a ton of fun, I'm sure!

*If it makes you feel any better, Tate was up almost every hour last night. Fun.

*I just checked my mailbox and didn't see an invitation to a huge 30th birthday party. And I thought we were friends...

*We need pictures of your new bedding! And congrats on such a steal!

*Wish I was a LOST fan. Used to be until I got tired of watching re-runs all first season! Is it too late to get caught up in one day?! The final season looks like a good one! Enjoy!

peter marie said...

I know. I think my pop thing may have been a mistake, but I've already made it 1/12th of the year so I can't stop now, right?
I considered drinking it on major holidays like my birthday and president's day, etc, but that's just a slippery slope to start sliding on....

Amanda said...

Your bedding is super fun! And I hope you ahve a FANTASTIC birthday!!

Be blessed-


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