Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My little baby girl is still sweet, but oh my, does she have a sudden attitude.
We can not believe the looks she can give us!
Or the way she yells and screams at us??
I'm having LOST-style flash forwards of her teenage years and it scares me.
She's totally going to be the one looking for and getting into trouble and Henry will be running behind her keeping score.

Exhibit A
Task: Simply eating a banana this morning for breakfast.
Did I mention she didn't even weigh 20 lbs at her 15 months appt??
So we've been trying a lot harder at "encouraging" her to eat her food.
Simple, right?

This look on her face is about to become permanent.
And this was about 5 minutes after the struggle started.
She looks at us this way. Closes her eyes and then looks away in disgust.
Rough life, I tell ya.

Finally, she gave in!
I actually think we're making some progress because she will eventually take that bite without us having to put it in her mouth for her.

The reward: her milk!

And that right there is a moment in the life of a suddenly-dramatic-16 month little girl.
But thankful it's our only issue right now.

This is our next door neighbor's house after a house fire early yesterday morning.
We were in bed and started hearing lots of sirens (not too uncommon in our hood) and what we thought was "construction" on the road they've been working on close by.
Then we looked at the time and thought 5:50 AM was a little early for for construction workers. I was already rehearsing the call I was going to make to complain.
Then we heard glass shattering, but still not alarmed enough to get our rears out of bed.
Then we heard Henry talking about some workers outside and we finally looked and the street was lined with fire trucks and our neighbor's house was a mess.
Thankfully he wasn't home, but looks like the inside is a total loss.
Please pray for him when you have a chance!
We maybe see him once a month because he's gone trucking a lot, but he's a nice guy.


une autre mère said...

Oh my goodness - Harper is adorable even when she's pouting! And I've never really even seen her cry. She's coming into her own, I guess! :) Girls will be girls...

That's so sad about your neighbor's house. Good thing he wasn't there and I'm so thankful it didn't jump over to yours! We'll be praying for him. What a tragedy.

Amanda said...

WOW!! That is sure devastating. Will be praying.

Those pics of your girl are PRECIOUS!!! Love them all! ;)


Amanda Taborga said...

I can FULLY understand about the girl behavior. In my house, though, it didn't start until much later. She was well over 3 when it began...fits, tantrums, yelling, arguing, huffing, rolling her eyes. I am about to get another mom to stand in for me during those moments. It is so exhausting. You're not alone, that's for sure.

Mom said...

Do you think her behavior is at all related to the color of her hair?? Or is it because she is left handed? It's hard to believe her little face can be anything but sweet :)

Elizabeth said...

And that is EXACTLY why God has not given me a girl (to date): I could NOT look at that sweet little Harper face and be strong and firm. Oh my goodness, her pouting face is too stinking cute. She would get away with murder :) When she tries not to cry and makes the sad-but-trying-to-be-happy face...breaks my heart. You've got some sweet kids.
Sorry about your neighbors house! Total tragedy. We will be praying for sure.


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