Wednesday, July 28, 2010

While They Were Sleeping

While They Were Sleeping
Welcome to my first installment of WTWS!
I love (usually) when my children are awake. We play. We laugh. We yell. We fight. We play.
We love.
But I'll admit....nap/quiet time is a beautiful thing.
Today, while they were sleeping, I decided to work on a fun project.
.....because my house is already spotless. {triple wink}

We are experiencing some changes in our dining room that I'm pretty excited about, and maybe some day I'll show y'all the redo. A while ago we brought down Henry's little table to have in that room and it's where they play with play-doh or
color or play.
I thought I'd make it a little more fun and put them in the mood to be more creative.
I gathered lots of old supplies and sacrificed some new ones.
Turned on my absolute most #1 essential tool = a hot glue gun.
And got busy.

So, what did you do WTWS? (or resting or being quiet?)
And let's not start on what I should have been doing wtws....
like the dishes, laundry, reading, etc, etc, etc....:)


Katrina said...

love it! so today...while mine was sleeping (I only have one right now) I actually had my quiet time, or time with my creator. I really wanted to sit down and knit (but GOD was calling me to his feet!) I also ended up making pasta salad for dinner, finished the laundry. But I had an awesome time hearing God's voice today!
you should set up a little linky thing...I'm sure people will link up too! (At least if it comes up monthly and we can "save" it until you put a linky thing up)

kasey. said...

love it!

Mom said...

Your talents never cease to amaze me! Seriously! Not sure where you came from :) Love you! xoxo

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I LOVE your spontaneous art! Seriously...gifted woman!!!
WTWS: I did laundry = boring but much needed! Maybe tomorrow!

Amanda Taborga said...

Love that idea! So cute! I usually lay on the couch. And sigh.

Bring About {art} said...

I found your blog :)

So many other things I SHOULD be doing, but I saw an IOWAN blogging (I grew up in Cedar Rapids :) with lots else in common and had to check it out!


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