Thursday, December 9, 2010

We survived our second round of pukes with Henry getting sick Tuesday night, but it was over fast and was back to normal by morning...thankfully because RJ had taken Wednesday off. (and today too!)
We just relaxed as a family and had a lot of fun. 
Tonight we finished it off with a family meal, Jolly Holiday Lights, and The Charlie Brown Christmas. 
But first thing this morning we took the kids to get their pictures taken. The usual painful experience, but at least got one good shot so I guess we could call it successful. 
When we got home I wanted to snap a quick shot of them. 
I think at this point Henry was saying, "cheeeeeeEEESE."
And he was not smiling.

We have a quiet weekend ahead and I'm mucho looking forward to it. 
Hope you all had a lovely Thursday!!


Alisa said...

It is stellar that RJ has so much PTO. Man...I salivate at that idea! Mid-week days off are suh-weet. Glad the pukes were short-lived!

une autre mère said...

Oh the dreaded Christmas pics... But yes, if you get at least one, that's definitely a success!! Can't wait to see it! And I'm glad you're over the pukes.


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