Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well, I'm a little late for a best of/worst of 2010, but here goes...

Most annoying expense of 2010:
Speeding ticket. 

Most exciting purchase of 2010:
Hmmmm...I did hit up some great garage sales! I'd say all the vintage clothes and fabric I found. Nothing more than $5, of course! Cuz if it's more than $5, it's not that exciting, right? I mean, we can all go to the mall and find something great brand new, but finding that vintage or thrifted piece of goodness? Yeah, no new purchase can beat that.
(okay, but I'll admit my brand new juicer has been very exciting!)
Funnest getaway of 2010:
Minneapolis with RJ.

Best concert of 2010 (or EVER):
 Sufjan Stevens. Minneapolis. End of story.

The number of times I lost my keys or cell phone in 2010:
Too many to keep track. 
Or you can ask my husband. 

Funnest family time of 2010:
Our whole Christmas week. It was a lot of fun!

Most enjoyable painting experience of 2010:

Most meaningful painting project of 2010:

(for my dearest friend who suffered through multiple miscarriages last year...and is now expecting a baby in June!!)

Biggest (enjoyable) challenge of 2010:
Being a wife and mommy. 

 Hmmm...that's all the categories I can come up with right now. Hopefully I'll have some more exciting ones for 2011. 
Happy (late) New Year's!!


Alisa said...

You caught me off guard with that painting and I got a quick, "oh crap...I'm gonna cry!" feeling. That has to be the most meaningful gift I received of the year. Hands down.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

The paintings are beautiful! I love love love last one! Yes--it does give the "I'm gonna cry" feeling and I'm not even Alisa! I love seeing your friendship--such a picture Christ's love!


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