Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Henry Dean

My boy! I can not believe you are now 4. 
You are such a joy. You have such an excitement for life. You absolutely crack us up and continually surprise us with your super fun personality. 
Seriously, little man, we love you to pieces. 

One of my many (yes, I make many but only keep a few) resolutions is to pray for you more.
God loves you so much and I pray you come to realize that, and feel His love and live out His love too.


Since RJ had yesterday off thanks to New Year's, we decided to make that our celebration day. Long ago in a far away blogland I saw the idea to decorate your child's room while they were sleeping. Henry is way too light of a sleeper to do that so we just taped up balloons to the outside of his door. He loved it!

Then we had some yummy pumpkin waffles, and opened presents.
(which I got amazing deals on, of course!)

Then we all went to the Botanical Center with our family pass. (sweet!!) Lunch at a restaurant on good ol' 2nd Ave, and a trip to Toys R Us to spend your $3 gift card (comes in the mail if you're on they're birthday club) and $5 from your great grandpa. It was such a fun family day.

Anyways, Happy Birthday, Henry Dean!!

(Side note: I have apparently reached my photo capacity. What do you do? Is the only option to pay for more?)


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Happy 4th birthday, sweet Henry boy! I love your sweet voice: "Excuse me, Miss Londa". Your mama is doing a great job of raising you into such a little gentleman! Hope you had a great day of celebrating!

*I had to pay the $5/yr for more picture room. I think there are ways around this, but I was tired and didn't want to have to figure it out. It happened once before and then the warning just eventually went away. I don't know much...sorry!

une autre mère said...

Happy Birthday, Henry!! I agree with Londa - he's a little gentleman indeed and I know that's because of the awesome parenting going on at home!

Woah, picture capacity?! I've heard of this phenomenon, but have yet to experience it. It's nice to hear that it's only $5/year. That sounds easier than trying to figure out how to cheat the system.

Amanda Taborga said...

i've reached mine too! i had no idea what to do, so if you come across how to fix it post it so i can follow your footsteps!

Andre is turning 3 next week. i'm going crazy with "how did this happen so fast?" emotions! our babies don't stay babies long enough.


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