Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Randoms

How 'bout them oranges lately? They are fantastic! I buy them by the 8 lbs...and we go through them like craaaaazy.

Along with my birthday came a bit of birthday money came a bit of wanting to redo my bedroom again. I liked it when I redid it last time, but was just not loving it. Then I saw an inspirational room in my latest Better Homes and Gardens and fell in love. I went with some different colors, but painted my walls antique white and the ceiling a light olive. Have you ever painted a ceiling? I actually did it twice. By hand. Because I was too nervous of the spills from using a roller. The first time I chose blue, of course, but then decided I wanted it to be more of a change and maybe not do blue for once, so went and got some greeeeen. Also because I found some gallons of paint at Wal-Mart for 5 DOLLARS that they also tinted for me so I didn't feel so bad changing my mind. 

I kept our previous curtains and added some place mats (from World Market, thanks to my $10 birthday gift card ) and more fabric to make them wide enough. I have to say, being able to sew has been so fun when it come to home decor! I painted all my little mirrors gold and it ended up giving a major 70's retro vibe, but I'm digging it. The rest of the room will have to wait to be shown...I made a headboard and I'm waiting on a certain someone to get it up for me
.A certain someone whom I love very much.

I got spring clothes out yesterday for the kids. Ridiculous, but those warm days last week got me Excited for Spring!

Harper is turning 2 March 23rd. We got rid of her pacifier a couple of night ago. I am losing my baby. She's finally starting to talk more and it cracks us up. Turns out she's a pretty big goof ball. 
I made caramel corn last night for a church function and just had a bit of the leftovers for breakfast. After I drank some really healthy juice. Really dumb idea. I feel disgusting.

Hmmmmm....I think that is all. Happy Wednesday!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Oranges...totally agree!
LOVE your new bedroom! The ceiling is strikingly beautiful with those curtains! Can't wait to see the rest. You're pretty much the bomb and room makeovers! favorite almost 2 year old girl! Could she be any cuter?
Breakfast...I had a nice little bran muffin and tea and still feel disgusting. Wish I'd wasted the sick on caramel corn! :)

Nicole said...

Love your new room! What a good idea for your curtains. Can't wait to see your headboard. I have been wanting to make one. I need ideas.


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