Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Don't ya just love long weekends? Especially one with such perfect weather!

We had a pretty low key time at home and playing.

Sunday afternoon we went downtown to watch the "elite" in the Hy-Vee triathalon. We watched them swim for a bit and then walked down to the East Village to look at a craft show and watch some of the biking portion of the race. C-r-a-z-y how fast they were going.

Diving into a river and swimming around is kind of my worst nightmare.

Harper was mostly concerned about making sure her baby had a good view.

Monday we just ran some errands and hung out as a family. 
It was a lovely weekend. 

We got a couple more finishing touches done on the kitchen. I had my friend custom make me a pot rack and I loooove how it turned out.

I finished sewing the top flap for the curtains:

RJ put up a shelf above the window and I put up my apothecary jars. They were cute holding my baking goods, but were getting in the way. They are much prettier up here!

We did this last week, but we put up hooks to display my vintage aprons.
(which I got for $1 a piece at a thrift store!)

I keep trying to take pictures of the whole kitchen to show, but it just doesn't look good in photos. You'll just have to stop over to see it for yourself...and I'll keep trying new angles and see if I can get some good photos so I can stop talking about our kitchen already. Seriously!

Henry starts school this afternoon. Lots of emotions going on here, but he is SUPER excited....I'm a bit nervous. Ahhhhh!!!!!


Nicole said...

Your curtains turned out really cute. Was that from the blog you posted a few weeks ago? Can't wait to see it all. Hope Henry has a great afternoon!

Alisa said...

"Diving into a river and swimming around is kind of my worst nightmare." I laughed hard. Couldn't agree more! Oh - and Harper is looking exceptionally darling.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Swimming in a river would never happen voluntarily for me either! Yikes!
Love your fun pictures! Your new kitchen beautiful!!!!

une autre mère said...

How did Henry like school? Can't wait to hear about it!

The pics of Harper holding her baby up to watch the race were adorable! Looks like she's going to be a perfect little monly to my grandbabies someday. :)

And I love everything about your kitchen! The pot rack, those awesome curtains, your shelf, the aprons... It's all so perfect and so you! Can't wait to see it in person! I might just be inviting myself over. :)


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