Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Slowly But Surely

Slowly, but surely, surely, surely, these kids are starting to become friends. 
For the few minutes it lasts, it brings me so much joy!

One thing that has helped is this little kitchen I got at Target 75% for $15.
I wanted her to have a super cute wooden kitchen and looked for a long time on Craigslist, but unfortunately nothing ever came up. Plus, I knew she wouldn't care and would love a kitchen no matter what it looked like.

They both love playing with it! It was going to be her birthday present, but why keep it in the basement for 2 months when they can play with it now?

Just short and sweet. Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Holly Bloom

My friend Lydia and I started crafting last fall and just can't stop and decided we would do some sort of Open House and we finally got the details worked out so I can share with you! 
We are calling little business "Holly Bloom"
Holly is in honor of Lydia's last name (with a twist),
and I contribute the word Bloom, thanks to my maiden name.
We're making gobs of hair pins to wear on your coat, hat, or shirt. Hair accessories for young and old alike, and some cutesy rings.

Lydia is whipping up a bunch of these owl pillows. I mean seriously, pure cuteness. 
The "owl family" pillow below gets to live at my house!

Below are some scarves I made (Lydia will also be making some) and a purse (hoping to make a ton more) and super funky tie headbands.
I figured out how to use my mother in law's sewing machine (finally!) and am busting things out. It's so much more fun than I could have ever imagined!
We'll also have skirts (fun!) smaller purses, and whatever else we come up with. These pictures are just a sampling of what we already have done and hope to get lots more made in the next couple of weeks.

We've had so much fun getting together and crafting. Our kids play beautifully together (usually....) and we get to chat and encourage each other about our greatest challenges, funniest moments, and inspire each other creatively.

Our little Open House will be on February 5th at Lydia's house in Des Moines. If you'd like more info and her address, please email me at:

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Okay, I am apparently back in the blogging saddle again now that I can upload photos....
and I just can't resist another "projects" post because this one makes me pretty happy to look at. 
Or actually stare at.
There is just something about the color blue that speaks to me. When I'm dying...I will hopefully be in a blue room. Full of blue stuff. Not that something like that will really matter (at all), but it would be so pretty and peaceful. 
I hope you all have that color (what ever it happens to be)
 that just gets to you. 
If you do, don't be afraid to flaunt it!
I went so long not using much blue in the house because I have a lot of dark wood and thought warm colors were my only option, when I'm not really a warm color kind of gal. 
If only I had started with  

I'm pretty sure that when I had painted this mirror for the second time I promised it would be the last, but I came across some spray paint I forgot that I had gotten for $1.50 at the Habitat store this summer and could not resist the urge...

Ahhhhh. yes. 

In my *keep your eyes open for Target clearance/Goodwill* list are matching buffet lamps and some mismatched plates to hang on the wall. With my price restrictions, this could take a little while, but I've got some high hopes.



I figured it out! Now I can finally finish Henry's birthday at the Botanical Center. It was the
bomb of a day.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm in a phase of purchasing more room for photos...until then, super boring posts.
A phase of wondering why do I?/should I?/what in the world should I blog about right now? 
A phase of being stuck in this house since Saturday with a boy with throat problems and pink eye and it's just SO COLD.
A phase of getting excited because we're actually leaving the house today!
(but I've realized that the longer I stay home day during the day, the more I want to stay home. This is a good thing for my antsy-pants self.)

Again, a phase of what should I blog about? Huh?
I tire of my silly "projects" posts, yet the creative side in me can't physically go without painting something/anything for too long. I spray painted a mirror the other day with some random spray paint I had. Spray painting is addictive. Because of the fumes or the fascination of watching an object change colors before your very eyes, I'm not sure, but it's addictive....and that's not necessarily a good thing.

I am going to get the kids in the snow this week.
Now that they are both on the up-swing of getting better, we're going to hit the slopes!
(in our backyard) (We've got a killer driveway that'd be awesome for a sled)

I'm really excited about our ladies Bible Study starting up.
I desire to get to know Christ more and love Him more. And I'm excited.

When Henry is under the weather he is extra sweet and I love that about him. On his worst day when he had pink eye and had the chills from being feverish, he told me over and over "I just love you so much mommy". I mean seriously, that's sweet.

Aaaannnnnddddd....that's all I've got.

Hope y'all are having a great Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well, I'm a little late for a best of/worst of 2010, but here goes...

Most annoying expense of 2010:
Speeding ticket. 

Most exciting purchase of 2010:
Hmmmm...I did hit up some great garage sales! I'd say all the vintage clothes and fabric I found. Nothing more than $5, of course! Cuz if it's more than $5, it's not that exciting, right? I mean, we can all go to the mall and find something great brand new, but finding that vintage or thrifted piece of goodness? Yeah, no new purchase can beat that.
(okay, but I'll admit my brand new juicer has been very exciting!)
Funnest getaway of 2010:
Minneapolis with RJ.

Best concert of 2010 (or EVER):
 Sufjan Stevens. Minneapolis. End of story.

The number of times I lost my keys or cell phone in 2010:
Too many to keep track. 
Or you can ask my husband. 

Funnest family time of 2010:
Our whole Christmas week. It was a lot of fun!

Most enjoyable painting experience of 2010:

Most meaningful painting project of 2010:

(for my dearest friend who suffered through multiple miscarriages last year...and is now expecting a baby in June!!)

Biggest (enjoyable) challenge of 2010:
Being a wife and mommy. 

 Hmmm...that's all the categories I can come up with right now. Hopefully I'll have some more exciting ones for 2011. 
Happy (late) New Year's!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Henry Dean

My boy! I can not believe you are now 4. 
You are such a joy. You have such an excitement for life. You absolutely crack us up and continually surprise us with your super fun personality. 
Seriously, little man, we love you to pieces. 

One of my many (yes, I make many but only keep a few) resolutions is to pray for you more.
God loves you so much and I pray you come to realize that, and feel His love and live out His love too.


Since RJ had yesterday off thanks to New Year's, we decided to make that our celebration day. Long ago in a far away blogland I saw the idea to decorate your child's room while they were sleeping. Henry is way too light of a sleeper to do that so we just taped up balloons to the outside of his door. He loved it!

Then we had some yummy pumpkin waffles, and opened presents.
(which I got amazing deals on, of course!)

Then we all went to the Botanical Center with our family pass. (sweet!!) Lunch at a restaurant on good ol' 2nd Ave, and a trip to Toys R Us to spend your $3 gift card (comes in the mail if you're on they're birthday club) and $5 from your great grandpa. It was such a fun family day.

Anyways, Happy Birthday, Henry Dean!!

(Side note: I have apparently reached my photo capacity. What do you do? Is the only option to pay for more?)


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