Thursday, July 30, 2009

A New Car. Maybe? Maybe not.....

Well, it's no Volvo, but it sure is cute. We've looked at cars and researched this week and met RJ at the dealership after work to test drive. Shook hands, signed some paper work and will pick up tomorrow at 2. Awesome! But then we just heard that as of midnight tonight, the cash for clunkers program is being suspended (after only ONE week!) so we have no idea what this means for us....the loan isn't finalized or anything so we have a pretty good feeling that it's not gonna happen. I honestly am fine with it if it doesn't go through, but it's probably the only chance we'd ever have at owning a brand stinking new car. And isn't it adorable? I would say that old-school Jaguars and Volvo station wagons are beautiful. This is stinkin' cute. Ah well. We tried.

It felt so weird to look at such nice cars. Of course there are cars that I love and would like, or want, but I don't really care what kind of car we drive. So the thought of something new seemed so crazy. Neither of us has ever owned a car that is within 10 years of the date we are living. It's not fancy. In fact, if it becomes ours, it's a fairly base model. No power windows or locks. Can you believe they even make cars like that these days?!? :)

But, isn't it cute??

We are really living it up today and ordered a pizza too. That is one thing we hardly ever do anymore, but man, it was good. The Edge from Pizza Hut. I got veggies with no cheese....and you know, it was really good! Who needs cheese? Oh, that's just painful to write.

I'm a little hyper on caffeine right now. I best stop my rambling.


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Oh...that is a cute car...and that might be a huge bummer! Good attitude, though! I'll be praying you can get it! I think Henry and Harper would look absolutely adorable in it! :)

une autre mère said...

You do have a great attitude! I'd probably be moping and crabby. Especially since it is such a cute car. I guess I should learn from you. I hope you can still get it though. When Chad and I bought our little Mazda, it was completely stripped down too - no power anything - not even a CD player! That's pretty much unheard of in a new car these days!

And what's with the no cheese? Did I miss something? Is Harper sensitive to dairy? I hope not. That would really stink for you!

peter marie said...

We got it!!

No problems with dairy other than I'm trying to lose some of my chubby.


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