Friday, July 3, 2009

Picture time...

Where's Harper?

On the way to her dedication. She's got some big eyes, eh?
Henry got a nice gash on his forehead during Sunday School.
Sick little boy got breakfast in bed this morning. He insisted I take a picture of his feet.
Just when I think Harper looks so big, I look in her room while she's sleeping and she looks so small.
She's been rolling on to her back, but I still haven't seen it. She'll just be lying there when I go in to get her. Already keeping secrets.


Jessie said...

Love the pictures! Keep 'em coming! :) Good name suggestions, BTW!

Jenn said...

Harper is so adorable, wait, so is Henry and the picture of his sick little feet. So cute!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

So cute! I love Harper's beautiful eyes! Her room is beautiful too--I think I need you to come critique and tweak my house!

Emily said...

so sweet! kinsley also likes to sleep on her tummy like that. it's pretty much the only way she sleeps. i love when they have their rear end up in the air like that. adorable pictures.


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