Monday, October 26, 2009


I lose a lot of things....pretty much everyday I lose something or other. Most days, it's the remote control.
Enter: My husband's gift:

A lovely remote.
And it's half the size of my daughter.

It's impossible to lose.

Aren't those ruffles cute?

And doesn't she look old?

Henry is gaining some independence. The other morning he beat me downstairs and this is what I found. He had opened a banana and sliced it himself. (thank goodness for our IKEA plastic silverware!)

The next morning he tried to slather on half a stick of butter onto a piece of toast. He also had a chair up to the fridge and was in the freezer trying to get out some ice.

Guess we have to pay more attention, huh?

We had a great weekend. We ate lunch on Friday on the 40-something floor of a building downtown with some friends. It was so cool! I really don't think I've been up that high before. We had our annual pumpkin carving contest with our Adult Bible Fellowship group and it was great like always. My hard working husband had to work all day yesterday after church, so it was an uneventful day, but still good.

We've got a busy week planned....but looking forward to it!


Alisa said...

:) Great post. Sooo excited to see you guys.

une autre mère said...

Those ruffles are cute!

I hope you can keep better track of your remote now. I've never seen anything so huge! Or maybe Harper's just small...

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I love Henry's culinary start and Harper's ruffly bottom!


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