Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun, Busy Weekend

We got to get all dressed up for a lovely wedding on Saturday.

 Henry looked like such a little man.
It was such a beautiful wedding and the reception was a blast!
 I didn't get a picture or the adult meals, but this was the kid's meal. It was yummy. So was ours.
 Harper did a great job and lasted until 10pm. This morning I can see her top two teeth just under the surface. And she hasn't even fussed. What a sweetie.
 The beautiful couple! They were so happy. Just beautiful.
A bad camera.
 The dance. The kids had so much fun and I even got RJ to dance with me! We didn't stay too long since the kids were exhausted and my feet were killing me, but it was still a blast.
 It was a great weekend with family.
We've got a pretty full week this week too, but it should be fun.

Just curious. Do you have your heat on yet? It's 58 degrees in our house. I'm freezing, and we're all bundling up. We're too stubborn to turn the heat on because it just seems way too early....doesn't it!? Well, and heating up a 98-year old home is a bit....pricey.


Jenn said...

Looks like a fun wedding! And yes the heat is on. Yup the heat is on, turned it on last week when it was so cold and rainy. I think one of the reasons Dane was getting up in the night was that he was getting cold.

Mama Foster said...

fun! harper and henry look so cute all dressed up! and we turned our heat on a few days ago...only because ben's feet were freezing because he's figured out how to take his pjs off

une autre mère said...

Lovely wedding! I'm sure your kids stole the show!

And yes, our heat goes on as soon as mama feels cold. I HATE being cold! And poor little Tate's hands were ice cold last week before we turned it on. But good for you for holding out! I remember how expensive it was to heat our old house too... not fun!

The O's said...

NO WAY is our heat on yet!!! =) I hold out until the last possible second. I just put layers on the boys and extra blankets at night! Does that make me a bad mom?! haha =)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Beautiful wedding pictures! Harper and Henry are both so adorable! I love pictures of them!
Our heat WAS on because my parents turned it on while we were gone, but now it's OFF! I've got to keep showin' MidAmerican who's boss here! :) Layer it up! NO, kidding! Keep Harper warm!!!

Amanda said...

Your kids sure can steal the spotlight... you sure the bride didnt get mad with your gorgeous kids soaking up all the attention?? :)

Great pictures!!

And yes...I have the heat set to 62 degrees... I has kicked on once I think... its chilly!!



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