Thursday, January 28, 2010

As long as....

As long as....I keep all my blinds close, but let the sun seep through.
(so I can't see the snow)
I can pretend there are beautiful flowers starting to bloom.

And prepare for our annual trip to Adventureland courtesy of RJ's employer.
We're going this afternoon. Didn't I tell you? After all, it is sunny and beautiful!

And we'll wear little rompers and wear sun bonnets to keep the sun out of our eyes.
Well, at least she will.
But it will be so nice to wear a bonnet and not a thick ol' stocking cap to keep our ears from freezing off. After all, it's gorgeous today!


 Then I think we'll finish the day by kayaking.
The water has got to be melted by now, right?
After all, the sun IS shining!


So, if you want to enjoy a beautiful, gloriously, sunny day.....pull all your blinds, let the sun peek through the cracks, DON'T LOOK OUTSIDE, and just dream.
And put on lots of layers and run around so you start getting really hot so it adds to the dream even more.

Believe me.
It feels so good.


Amy@My Front Porch said...

Meet me at the pool this afternoon? ;)

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

you all can have your fun at the sweats are calling my name :) Your outlook is refreshing though....if only...

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Ooo--Adventureland sounds like so much fun! As Carson said yesterday, "I'm trying to still like the snow, but I just can't."

Elizabeth said...

What a fun day.....! Even if you did spend it in Nevernever Land :-)

une autre mère said...

Can we join you on your beautiful sunny spring day, pleeeease??? Millie's missing her new "bes fwend." And I could really use a stroll through some of those beautiful flowers about now!

Alisa said...

that was very lovely to read...thanks for the refreshing read!


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