Monday, August 30, 2010

(fun kind of) busy

We had a great (fast) weekend!
I got to meet Alisa for breakfast at Smokey Row with NO kids. I mean, I love our kids, but it's fun to have lots of uninterrupted time to talk. We hit up a really fun estate sale also, and then she had to leave. It was fun! RJ went camping with some buddies from our Acts group so I met Jenn at Smokey Row for supper since we were single moms that night. Smokey Row twice in one day? Yeah, it was good. I was so glad to have RJ back yesterday afternoon and I immediately put him to work. :) Well, after a little snooze, but then he finished the basement. Wa-hoo! I'll try and get some photos up later. So we have a busy week, but I am excited!
Lots of fun stuff to get done.

*******side note*******
Anyways, here's how we spend lots of our time lately.
Looking for Harper!
Where is she?
On top of the table?
Grabbing handfuls of pumpkin bar and shoving them into her mouth in the kitchen?
I'm sure it's just normal baby behavior, but Henry was always so cautious and concerned about being clean that I didn't have to worry about leaving him alone for a second.
Harper. Oh, Harper. You're a different story.

This little girl loves to color.
With her left hand!
I'm sure I've mentioned this 20 times before, but I'm about 95% sure she's a lefty.
Our "golden child". :)
My (lefty) mom has waited and waited for another lefty.
After watching her siblings have lefty children, but none of her own, finally...grandbaby #8 is a lefty!

******random-ness over******

I had painted our front door when we painted our house.
So, like 3 years ago??
And, like many things, had never finished it.
It was in major need of touch-ups so I finally did it and added little white checks.
Everything is better with little white checks, right? And it makes me front door look so much more inviting!

I also (finally!) finished the mural in our entry way. I had done this probably 2 1/2 years ago and never finished the very top because...well, I don't know why, but it's done now. Finally!


RJ sanded down my sofa table to the bone.
I don't paint furniture much anymore because it never stays nice.
This time, I am taking all the steps.
I put a thin coat of black on it and will paint my design on that and then will poly, sand, poly, sand, poly, sand. I've never bothered with that last step, but I think that will make the difference and make this table something that will last. Or so I'm hoping!

I've got my sketches and designs all ready to go:

So really, if you will be around this weekend and want to head to a great craft sale this weekend, shoot me an email for the directions. There will be lots to buy on the spot and also lots of fun raffle drawings for big prizes. It will be in Ankeny from 9-3, and the proceeds will be going to a very sweet couple...Cory and Calli. Cory is undergoing chemo treatments for cancer and they will shortly be going to Iowa City for a longer stay full of intense treatments. Please pray for them!

Alright, I need to get busy. Happy Monday!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

I liked this post! It was like getting to have a conversation with you!
Harper is super cute!
LOVE all your projects! I don't care how long they take to finish, they're the coolest!
Can't wait for Saturday...I may be stuffing a certain raffle! ;)

une autre mère said...

Those checks on your door were a fabulous idea! And you're right, it looks so inviting that I just may invite myself over! ;)

I can't wait to win your table! Just tell me how many tickets Londa puts in and I'll put in one more.


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