Saturday, August 21, 2010


I am on project overload all of a sudden.
Lots and lots of paintings and stuff to get done.
Our basement clean-out is coming along nicely and hopefully we can get it mostly done, except for the floor paint, this weekend so I can start the rest of my paintings. I've got some really fun orders right now!

Here's a little sneak peak into dungeon:

The rest of it really isn't exciting, but thought that maybe this would make
me excited to get down there and do my laundry......
if only it were that easy!

Happy Weekend!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Abby, I LOVE that! I'll come do your laundry! :) It's the one household chore I really love!
Seriously, I love the lettering! What a creative idea!

Mom said...

That is awesome. Only you would think to paint on the ceiling down to the basement!!!! When did you ever find time to do that??

une autre mère said...

Seriously. That is awesome! And I agree with your mom - no one else I know would think to paint on the ceiling like that. Well, except for like Michaelangelo. But you're a much better artist. ;)


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