Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I'll get Harper's ears pierced.
Come on! You've got to admit it. Earrings on a little baby girl is adorable.
I just don't know if I have the guts to do it.
And I know the Mr. doesn't have the guts to do it.
Maybe when she's 5?

We'll go the fair tomorrow and have a blast!
I actually am pretty excited for it.
Most years I think I'm really excited for it and then we get there and I wonder why I was so excited to be in a crowded, hot, environment.
Not this year.
I've vowed to try and have lots and lots of fun.
Maybe I'll even post some pictures!

we have some (100% NOT pregnancy or other baby related) news to share
in a few weeks.
Or maybe not.
Who knows?
Are you maybe a little bit intrigued?

I'm excited to have a weekend at home with not much to do after a few weekends running around like crazy.
Super maybe!!

I'll come up with something better to write tomorrow.
Maybe (but better not) get your hopes up.


Elizabeth said...

This post STINKS. I don't like all the uncertainty. Can't you share a little news NOW? Or post pictures of little Harper's ears. Come on, Abby-gail....gimme something to work with ;) heehee

Missy... said...

I can totally relate to the "being nervous about getting your baby girl's ears pierced" feeling, but I did it with both my girls around a year and have never once regretted it! Neither girl cried for more than a minute, nor have they EVER even so much as played with their earrings. It's like they don't know they're there! We we good about cleaning them when they were new, but really they are soooo low maintance! We did Addi's in the mall and had a good experience, then took Camden to a salon here in town and that was GREAT, too! Not trying to persuade you, but just giving you food for thought! :)

peter marie said...

Oooooh, Missy! Maybe RJ will just come home someday to a surprise. :)

Actually, I was looking at your blog just before I wrote that. I think it's so adorable! Especially on your sweet little girls.

Katrina said...

Maybe...I'll just stop following your blog unless you post more interesting stuff...Just Kidding!
If we have a little girl she is getting her ears pierced while she is pretty young. We aren't going to the state fair this year instead we are going to CO (so we have to save any extra money) Maybe I'll get around to blogging sometime this week...who knows...

une autre mère said...

Don't tell Addie if you get Harper's ears pierced!! She keeps asking about doing it and I keep postponing it. Chad is definitely not for it. But I do think it's cute. :)

Hope the fair was fun! It was a beautiful day for it at least!

Okay, so what's the news?!?! You can't keep it a secret for long, you know!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Cloe was five...but I would have done it much sooner if we'd had a nicer dr. when she was little. Harper is already heart-grabbingly adorable! Earrings would be the cherry on top! :)
Does your one "maybe" include an original mural in the dining room? Do I need to start working on contentment? No, I'd be super happy for you!
Hoping you had a blast at the fair and have a spectacular weekend so you can fill us all in with the good endings to these maybes!

Amanda Taborga said...

my advice on ears?? do it while she can't be scared. phillippe fought for her to have them done when she was young and i was so animate on waiting. now she really wants to do it, but it far too scared. i don't know...either way, it's cute. i wanted it to be her choice. i guess i'm fine that she waited, but it's just one of those's hard to see your child be scared, or in pain...especially for beauty! :)

peter marie said...

Welp, RJ VERY strongly discouraged me getting Harper's ears pierced so I guess it's not gonna happen....hopefully when she's older!

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Bumms about the ear piercing! :( I think it is so adorable on little girls.....and especially when they're at that age where people just constantly are getting their genders mixed up. (Super annoying, btw)....sigh....maybe someday I'll get a little girl :)


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