Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Our little Party of the Century was a great time! Our friends came dressed up in different decades and we had lots of fun trivia. 
RJ and I chose the early 60's. He was my working man and I was his house wife.

I had fun making little decorations through out the house. Our house is turning 100. I wanted her to look pretty for her age!

We did some rearranging to accommodate our guests.  We might leave things this way for a bit just for fun. I also redid my mirror frame combo for the 3rd time. I think this time it's a keeper.

I decoupaged some old bottles and let the candles melt all over them. I think one of the best parts about a party with no kids = CANDLES.

I also took some thanksgiving figurines I got from a friend and painted them in a solid color. I love how they turned out! It's such a fun way to take a tacky decoration and "modern" it up.

It was lots of fun! 

This week has been fairly calm, which is nice. We played outside for a bit yesterday and rode our bikes for probably the last time of the year. It was so nice out! We played with lots of dry pasta and were "cookers" and today we might break out the Halloween ginger bread houses we got for $1 at Target's 90% off clearance. I'm just going to turn the other way and let Harper get messy with it. She loves doing crafts but has her momma's lack of cleanliness. Henry, on the other hand, is very cautious and clean with his crafts. I'm also ecstatic to report that the two of them are starting to play nicely, together! My days aren't quite as filled with them screaming at each other and fighting....and I am so thankful for that.

Happy Wednesday!


une autre mère said...

Your party was awesome. Your house was amazing, and yes she looked absolutely lovely for her age! And I don't know if I mentioned it to you or not, but I did tell Lydia how much I loved your mirror/frame combo. I'm so glad H&H are playing better together! That makes life so much easier!

Nicole said...

Your party was so much fun! We had a lovely time. I love your mirror. You did a wonderful job as always.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

All your decorating projects are so perfect! Love them! You and Cousin Randy make the perfect 60's couple! I think you need to wear that look on a Sunday! Pizzzazzz!
Happy 100th Birthday C. House!


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