Wednesday, November 10, 2010


2 posts in one day! Aren't you lucky?
This morning things started off really well, and then pretty quickly Harper started acting funny. She never threw up, but was super duper cuddly and feverish. I held her the majority of the was sad, but sweet at the same time. I put her down for a little morning nap to see if it would help and while she was asleep Henry and I worked on a Halloween ginger bread house. 
The hording side of me wishes I would have bought 10 of these kits. It's the best $1 I've ever spent!

My partner:

He told me the other night that I can kiss daddy all day and all night (sweet), but that I can't kiss him any more. He said it "ruins the day" when I kiss him.
Well, buddy, I beg to differ:

He worked really hard.

With lots of candy to decorate with.

And frosting to squeeze out.

And maaaaaybe some frosting to lick off of our fingers.
Yeah, I'll admit it. I did it too. And it was good!

Henry went a little "goth" with the black frosting.

It was a lot of fun! 
About half way through the project I went to get Harper and this is what she looked like:

Poor babe! She had this look on her face all day, but perked up quite a bit after her nap and will hopefully wake up feeling better tomorrow. 

Hope you all have a great night!


une autre mère said...

Aw, I hope Harper feels better soon! And smother that little boy in kisses! He's too cute to get by without any! I'm impressed with his decorating skills. Must be like his mama. :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Poor Harper! Hope she kicks it quickly!
Henry is the man! I love his thought process on kissing...just keep it like that will all girls but mom! Awesome house! I love those kits!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I saw some of those kits in Target the other day and almost picked one up -- now I'm wishing I would have! THey look like fun! I'm sure Lily would just make a mess but she'd sure enjoy it :)

ryangie said...

hope your little sweets feels better soon :( your party of the century--what a fun idea--you & your fella looked adorable! hope to see you sometime soon...


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