Monday, March 31, 2008


Henry is taking a killer nap right now. I've got the noise maker cranked high because of the heavy duty construction at Dahl's and it's put him in a coma. All last week he just took a 1 1/2 hour nap everyday, which doesn't seem like enough for a little almost-15-month old. I thought I was holding him off too long for his nap and now am trying to put him down a little sooner. Today it's really working, but I'm sure tomorrow it won't. Each day is so different.

Violence: still getting my thoughts together. I'm thinking a lot about the war, death penalty, etc. You know, really fun stuff to think about! I grew up in such a strong Republican home that I just didn't question any of it so it's kind of fun to now. Right now it's easier for me to justify against those things than to justify for them. These thoughts stem from a conversation we had with some family about the shooting that took place in that church in CO where a gunman came in and opened fire. What a horrible story! We were talking about what we would have done or should have done. If that happened in our church and I happened to have my gun in my purse that day (no, don't really have one), would I have shot the gunman? Well, my first response was, of course, I have a family! Think of all the hundreds of people you would save. If I had really good aim I thought I'd go for the knee cap, but this probably wouldn't work and the bullet would end up killing the gunman. So, I've just saved hundreds of people from dying, but I've just killed someone. Is this ever okay? I can't even for a second in my head come to the conclusion that this is how Jesus would have responded. He knew he was going to die and he did nothing about it. He showed complete grace, mercy, and humility. So I don't know. What do you think?

I'm going to get something done before the little man wakes up. He was in such a great mood this morning that I'm anxious to see him again. He was working on a tooth last week so we had some not so fun times. We were both ready for a fun day!

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