Thursday, March 20, 2008


Today is one of those days where I'm in a mood that's not so pleasant. The kind of mood where I could very easily say a lot of mean things and have to try hard not to. Like if I get someone calling me today for the umpteenth time about donating money to some cause I might get rude. I shouldn't be that tired. I only have 1 kid. This should be easy. Right? I'm such a wimp. I'm hoping this mood is a sign of something to come. Something that would show me my body is getting back on track. I hope so. Otherwise I might need to tape my mouth shut. Wow, that's a really dramatic paragraph!

Henry ate his weight in gold fish yesterday because we were out and about like crazy and it kept him happy. I rarely buy those things because he LOVES them and then that's all he wants to eat. I've also learned that I love them too. I brought back my dress and successfully found a new pair of dress pants. This is a good thing because I only have one other pair of nice pants and I wear them nearly every Sunday. I had this urge to get a couple of pairs. Thankfully I resisted. Sometimes those old shopping habits try to resurface. Well, they always try to resurface I just am a little better at resisting.

Henry is taking a nap and I need to get a project done for a lady by tomorrow. Once I get a couple of more projects done I'm going to do some projects for myself that I am really excited about. I'm repainting our dining room and redoing the wall decor for under $10. I got a gallon of paint at a garage sale for $2.50 and a big black frame for an art project at Hobby Lobby for $4. I'm also going to wall paper one wall with some ready-to-paint stuff. It looks like an old fashioned tin ceiling and I'll just paint it the same color as the walls. I bought it about 3 years ago with the idea to put it on our entertainment center but never did. So I don't remember how much that cost, but it's long been paid for so I'm not counting that. We are also considering sanding and refinishing our table and chairs...possibly with a black stain. Anyone tried that? Is it a horrible experience? I'm sure it will be a longer process but I think it would hold up better than just painting it, and a new table and chairs is no where in our future.

Okay, my mood already feels better. Wow, blogging really can be a good thing!

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