Saturday, March 22, 2008

My dear friend, Alisa, has tagged me....I think...I'm new to this business. Did y'all know that Alisa was my roommate in college, introduced me to her cousin, and then was in our wedding? She's got an amazing blog and am amazing ability to write. I hope someday she writes a book and I'm sure you all agree.

Hold on tight kids. You're about to learn some cri-zay stuff.

6 Non-Important Things/Habits/Quirks About Myself:

1. I love the smell of plastic. We got a new shower curtain liner and I took an extra long shower this morning just to sniff it all in.

2. I was in drill team in high school. I wore head to toe spandex in front of hundreds of people. That is now my worst nightmare.

3. I have a slight obsession with numbers. I often times recite multiplication tables in my head when I'm trying to go to sleep or other random times. I especially enjoy the doing this with the number 12. I also like to make patterns with my feet when I walk and when I worked at Sticks and would wash my hands I would always pull 4 paper towels and count in my head every time. I've never told anyone this buy my husband. Please tell me you all do it too.

4. I get very anxious in big groups of people.

5. I hate grapefruit.

6. Although I haven't taken the time to do this much since Henry, but I used to pre-measure all my ingredients for cooking like they do on the tv and host my own cooking shows.

So, now that you all know how weird I am, let's hear a little something from Jenn!

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