Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the guilt won

Well ladies, thanks for your advice, but I'm taking it back. I'll be the same person without the purse. It was completely impulsive and completely irresponsible. I have other cute purses. I really just gave in in a very weak moment and I must be punished.

It was an ugly purse anyways.

this is what I'm telling myself so I feel better

But honestly, I feel so much better after deciding this.

Did you all get your stimulus money yet? Did you stimulate the economy with it or are you saving it? We were quite surprised to get money back for me. I had gotten 1 check from Sticks in 2007 for the vacation days I hadn't used, and I claimed for my business, but it was a loss and it wasn't much, so we weren't expecting it. Sweet.


The Sneaky Mommy said...

I'm crushed. Now I want the stinkin' purse! (I'll watch for their clearance--maybe you can have it for $5!)

Alisa said...

If you were losing sleep over it, it was definetly worth the return! As a wise person once told me, "We're probably the poorest we'll ever be right now."


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