Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I bought this at the MOA on Monday. My sister-in-law bought the same one. It was $30. $30! That's not bad for a purse, but I have a usual $5 limit on anything I buy so I'm having huge buyer's remorse. I just looked it up and there is an ALDO at Jordan Creek so now I can take it back if I wish. $30. What do I do? It is so cute and it's just the perfect size, but $30?!?!? But now if I take it back, I'm going to think I need a different purse so I"ll spend all summer looking for a cute purse that meets my cheap spending limit, which will never happen because if there is a purse for $5 it's going to be ugly so I'll end up being unsatisfied and wish I would have just kept this purse in the first place.

What would YOU do?


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Oooo! I love it! Keep it! Take back your pop cans--that'll feel like a small refund to offset the cost. Dig out the change from the bottom of your old purse as you're making the "switch"--that'll be more offset. PLUS, when you put your stuff in it you'll realize how much more you love it! Then you're done--it's a keeper! (I'm not much help, am I!?!)

Jenn said...

I say keep it. If you like it that much then it is worth it. (I think it is super cute) Then you won't end up buying 4 or 5 sort of cute purses that cost $5 that you don't like that much, then it would end up costing the about same amount.

Anonymous said...

Girl, keep that purse! No question about it. :)


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