Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So yesterday afternoon I was feeling quite sluggish. I've been feeling pretty decent the last couple of days, but the usual pregnancy tiredness and crabbiness was still in gear. And then, my batman called. It's like he saw the signal again! He surprised me with a date and a babysitter. Music to my ears. It felt like an extravagent date, but took advantage of some good deals. RJ had got one of those coupons a while back without my knowing where for $25 you get a $50 gift card to Splash and since it was Tuesday, the movies were only $6 instead of $9. We saw The Dark Knight, which we've wanted to see it for so long. It was a great movie, but both kind of agreed afterwards that we are so over going to movies. It's a lot of money, you have to sit still, and you can't talk the whole time. Regardless, it was a great time alone with my hubby. The meal was so fun Henry also had a ton of fun playing with his cousins while we were away.
No more dates until we go to Minnesota at the end of Sept and we're on a mandatory no eating out rule until then. Yikes!
I've got nothing on the agenda today and fear it's going to be a long one. I really haven't done anything since I've been "feeling" pregnant, but am getting so tired of it so I have to get out today. Even if it's just to Target or a park. We're going crazy here!

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Pipsylou said...

I love the "i have to get out!" That is SO me!


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