Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We had a Bloom cousin reunion up by my parent's this weekend. We had the party at my aunt and uncle's farm and it was a ton o' fun! I had 4 cousins there and my brother (my sister couldn't make it), but her kids did, so all in all there were 15 children and 3 of us are pregnant. Quite a big group!
Henry's Bloom cousins: Elise, Ben, Jack, Maggie, and Sam.
Sweet Elise
Grandpa Bloom and Henry. Henry loves his grandpas!
Cousin Jack
Henry "driving" the big kids around on the Gator.
We finished the fun weekend with lunch in Storm Lake after church, so since we were there we had to take a different route home and it was the nicest drive. It was our most enjoyable experience driving with Henry too. After driving there ump-teen times the last 10 years, it was nice to see some different scenery. I don't see RJ and I living in a small town (though I'm up for anything!!), but I have a slight obsession with them. I adore small town cafes and little stores and saw quite a few that I want to stop at another time. We got back just in time for a party on the Charlton side celebrating RJ's grandpa's birthday. It was a great weekend!
I just saw on MSN the winner of tonight's beam competition........:)!
Have you seen that sprinter from Jamaica? Crazy fast. It looks like he's jogging and still demolishes everyone. I think I'll go into some sort of depression when these Olympics are over.

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