Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is where I used to work. Sticks. This is a picture from a wedding reception, I'm assuming, with all the pretty candles inside, but it is still an awesome building. I used to love it when it snowed and I could watch the snow fall as I slaved away in what often felt like a sweat shop. Seriously. NO air conditioning in the summer, and a pretty poor heating system in the winter. We had to wear layers of clothes and scarves and hats and gloves with the fingers cut off so we could paint. Crazy! But I loved it.
They called the other day to see if I wanted to come back to work part time. Ugh. I have often thought about how much easier it sounds to go in for a day and work there than stay home. I got paid to paint really cool stuff for crying out loud! RJ and I talked about it and I thought of a plan to just go in for one really long (11 hour) day and have someone watch Henry one day a week. Sounded so refreshing! The money could go into savings and pay for the delivery. And of course it would just be temporary because of the baby. RJ was totally fine with it if I wanted to do it, but the more I talked about it, the more I decided not to do it. I had to call quickly the next day before I changed my mind again, and now I feel good about it. Maybe someday, if we end up sending our kids to school instead of homeschooling, I could work there again. But in the mean time I'm staying home and keeping up with my own little painting business!
The Top Chef tour is coming to the farmers market this Saturday. I used to love this show and was so excited when I heard about it! But of course. The one Saturday we will be gone is the one Saturday they will be here. There is going to be cooking demonstrations and samples. Seriously. I can barely type about this without crying. I can't quite explain my fascination with cooking shows. I adore them. I don't so much now that I have a kid, but I love pre-measuring all my ingredients and putting them into little bowls before I start cooking/baking. I love practicing my chopping skills. I love reading through cookbooks. I'm such a dork. Oh, I miss you cooking shows, yes, especially you, Barefoot Contessa, but PBS helps me get through it. Especially America's Test Kitchen!
I'll try and post some real pictures later. My picture-less posts can be so lame. Sorry!

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Lanzens Life said...

We saw Brian & Debbie this weekend and told them the news. They hadn't heard yet!

I'm so excited for you guys!


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