Tuesday, March 17, 2009

About 8 years (!) ago I got on an airplane in Amsterdam and my friend Alisa got on a ferry from London and we met in Dublin, Ireland for the weekend. I sat by a really cute Irish man on the plane. Red hair and all. We took a train all the way to the west coast to Galway where we stayed and took a ferry out to the Aran Islands also. Foot and Mouth disease was a big deal at the time so there was a lot we couldn't go see because it was prohibitied to walk in certain areas, but it was still gorgeous. I would love to go back sometime. It's too pretty of a place for just a couple of days.

Today, my friend Alisa and I got in to our vehicles and drove to meet at a park with our children.

Good day.

So gorgeous out!

Hope you all have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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The Sneaky Mommy said...

What a fun memory! You picked a perfect time to visit Ireland, too! How sweet that you & Alisa could still be together today--and have three (almost 4) little gems to enjoy!


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